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Testimonies On Gangjin and the Tour

No matter what I may say about the Gangjin Experience and tour, those who have actually been there and traveled with us say it best.  Following are a few of the statements we received.
To Arthur and Mary,
Participating in the Gangjin Celadon Festival was one of the most inspiring experiences in my ceramics career.  I feel very privileged to have taken part in the tour facilitated by Morning Earth, and it was a deep honour to meet, and see working, such accomplished ceramists as those we were lucky enough to visit.  Thank-you Gangjin and Morning Earth!
Elise Bishop, New Zealand

Having never been to Korea before, I was excited and somewhat unsure of what to expect.
The entire trip was a fantastic learning experience with a fun group of like minded artists.  Arthur and Mary provided a wide variety of activities as well as in depth clay experience.  We participated in several workshops and got to know many Korean potters, all who were kind and generous people.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, including the great friends we made.
Good Luck!
Rachel Garrison, USA

Thank you very much about everything you did. It’s feeling now like a really good dream that I dreamt… the Gangjin occurrence. But it is not dream and I did take a part in all this beauty. Thanks a lot!!! I told and I’m telling everybody about this amazing opportunity that I had and that they not allowed to miss, I believe next year you will have a hard time to choose who will join your journey. You will have lot of potters.
Thanks again, feel free to upload my pictures.
Shaked Kaplan, Israel / Canada
One evening her 'friends' convinced Shaked to teach us Israeli Belly dancing.  A great spontaneous time was enjoyed by all.

I was one of the lucky 20 invited guests to the International Ceramics Workshop at the 37th Gangjin Celadon Festival in the summer of 2009.  Arthur and Mary Park of Morning Earth Pottery were responsible for the entire happening which was an extraordinary experience for me.  During those two weeks, we were celebrated, had our work beautifully displayed, got instruction from master potters in Korean ceramic techniques, and toured throughout the country with emphasis on ceramics.  Those two weeks were life changing and eye opening for me.  Arthur and Mary Park couldn't have been more accommodating and knowledgeable.  I couldn't recommend this experience more highly.
Sincerely,  Larry Stern, NY, USA

I met Arthur and Mary Park at the Mungyeong Chassabal festival while I was on a trip to Korea to visit my daughter.  
I knew I had to go back and was thrilled to be invited to be a part of the Gangjin International Celadon Festival in 2009, and the accompanying tour.
The Gangjin festival organizers were generous with their accommodation of the group, subsidizing the stay, providing thought provoking workshops daily and exhibiting our work in splendid fashion in the main building and in the excellent exhibition catalogue.
Arthur and Mary, using their knowledge, arranged so many wonderful opportunities; museums, visits to well known artists studios, wonderful meals and entertainment, shopping.Korean/English translation was an integral part of the trip.  I will keep in touch with my new friends from Australia, Israel, the USA, Korea and Canada. I have so much to learn from them and from Korea, as I continue my exploration of clay.
Next time I go Korea I plan for the time to be a study trip.
Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful experience.
Heather Hannaford, Canada

 . . . The festival was a celebration of Korean culture, alive with color, food, traditional crafts, warm friendly people, parades, dances, flowers, tea, and much more, and of course ceramics, especially celadon. . . 
I was amazed to see the respect that people had for ceramics and the artists. Young children were eager to throw pots on the wheel; they seemed engaged and knowledgeable while visiting The Celadon Museum.The following week we went on a bus tour with Arthur and Mary Park.  The tour was partly subsidized by Gangjin City, US Travel and Morning Earth Tours. It was terrific. I loved being in the company of fellow artists. . . .
Many of the people we visited live in remote villages and small towns.  We were welcomed with their hospitality and generosity. We got to see parts of Korea that most tourists never see. . . .I would definitely recommend ceramic artists to apply for next year's exhibit and tour. Good luck.
Nuala Creed,  Ireland/ USA

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. . . Whoever is reading this Testimony is obviously interested, so don’t wait another second to fill in the application as this will be a life changing experience to anyone who loves CERAMICS.
Robyn Gill, Qld, Australia
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